Imagine finally achieving the profits you work so hard to earn from your restaurant and feeling like the investment you make each day is paying off.

Hospitality Consulting & Coaching (HCC) is a dedicated team of restaurant training specialists and skilled hospitality professionals from front of house right through to the kitchen. Our restaurant consulting team is trained in helping you, the business owner/manager implement systems and new ideas. This provides two clear benefits:

1.You’ll develop advantages over your competitors
2.You’ll have a business which is easier to manage

These are just a few key points that set us apart from other restaurant management websites.

Quick diagnosis of problems in your business is imperative but it is how the solutions are put in place that makes all the difference. It is important to us that we leave you with the right tools, so we at HCC offer a simple approach to problem solving which will help you move your business forward quicker and gain the results you deserve.

Hospitality Business Consulting & Coaching services include:-

  • Consulting/Coaching on a one to one basis for the business owner or manager.
  • Staff Training from front of house to kitchen.
  • Manuals and Systems Implementation
  • Menu Design and Costing.
  • Kitchen Troubleshooting (help you find where the profits are going)
  • Internet Coaching and Advisory Programmes – *Advice on Line.

* Advice online offers you a service that provides common sense solutions to problems that crop up in business from time to time. Additionally, advice online can be a fact finder for services and products in the hospitality industry which you’ll find a valuable tool. Drop us an email at anytime, we will be back to you promptly.

We believe in immediate results and we provide speedy diagnosis of problems and implement solutions quickly. Moreover, we leave you with the tools to problem solve in the future.

Once we’ve worked with you to achieve higher sales and profits you’ll be able to utilise our services on an ongoing needs basis with our online advice service.

Hospitality Business Consulting & Coaching is based in Sydney Australia and is committed to helping business owners increase their profits and gain a better lifestyle.

Jim Lund started Hospitality Consulting and Coaching (HCC) over seven (7) years ago to assist fellow restaurant owners to achieve the same results in their business as he did in his. Why? Because he is passionate about the industry and relates well to colleagues and fellow restaurateurs. The more excellent restaurants there are the more consumers enjoy a positive dining experience, a plus for the entire industry.

Jim has owned and managed many businesses over the last twenty five years, achieving great profits and sales. Mistakes have been made during in these many years of business and with every mistake there has been a learning curve. Jim’s experience has helped him find the key to balancing work and pleasure, giving him the lifestyle he searched for.

The bottom line to choosing a business consultant or coach is that you feel confident they are the right people for the job. Our bottom line is that we genuinely care, a small word with a large meaning, an attribute that is sometimes lacking in business services these days.

The solution to any problem is to first take action, once you take this step the answers will follow. So give HCC a call or send us an email TODAY

The Hospitality Consulting & Coaching Team is truly committed to achieving better results for your business.
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