jimJim Lund, founder of Hospitality Coaching & Consulting has over 25 years experience running successful restaurant and café businesses, at times being in charge of up to 10 outlets at once. He began the coaching and restaurant management website in response to the real needs of owners and managers out there working to establish successful businesses.

Jim has owned six successful restaurants since 1984, two of which he started from scratch. He currently owns a very successful restaurant on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Hospitality Coaching & Consulting is a team of hand-picked people with many years of restaurant & café experience. They are highly trained in working in café/ restaurant environments, and even more importantly, have the skills to communicate with you about what your business needs.

What makes us different from other restaurant management websites?

We are a team of professionals who still work in the industry and who love to share the benefits of we have learned. Your business should be rewarding, both financially and personally. This is the kind of success we strive to help you achieve.

We offer services ranging from occasional internet coaching to design and implementation of training programs, restaurant business plans and manual writing through to comprehensive in-house support. When you contact us by phone or email we will respond to you quickly and personally.

Because of our flexible structure we are able to provide additional services. When unexpected things happen, Hospitality Coaching and Consulting can respond. If a café/restaurant loses a major player from its management team, its key kitchen staff or both, rather than letting the business go into a tailspin, the team at Hospitality Coaching & Consulting can step in and keep things on track until a replacement is found. Our team can adapt to any particular circumstance quickly and with minimum fuss – keeping your business steady in a time of crisis. We can then help you avoid future crises by implementing programs such as effective waiter/waitress training.

We have a commonsense approach developed over years of working in the industry through good times and bad. We are specialists in quickly locating sources of pain for the business owner and providing practical solutions.

If you have read this far, it’s probably because you’re wondering if your business could benefit from professional advice.

If you are undecided about whether you need a business coach, it may help you to know that Jim practices what he preaches and has, in the past, benefited from the objectivity provided by a professional coach. As restaurant owners we don’t need to be told what to do, but due to the consuming nature of our work (no pun intended) we sometimes need a fresh perspective and a sounding board for our business ideas. Top athletes, top performers and entertainers have always had coaches – now the most successful business people have coaches as well. Today, the difference between two similar business people is likely to be that the more successful one will have a coach.

In other words; don’t ask whether you can afford a business coach, ask if you can afford not to have one. Email us here.