I believe that in any business you should aim to be up market, in other words offer a high quality product with a high quality service.

This commitment can work for all eateries from takeaway style right through to high class restaurants. Why not fill out this questionnaire – if nothing else it will get you thinking.

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1. As a customer how would you rate the presentation of your business?
 Very Good Good Fair Poor

2. As a customer how would you rate the presentation of your staff?
 Very Good Good Fair Bad

3. How does the marketing in your business work for you? This can mean menu presentation, up selling, ads, signage etc.
 Very Good Good Fair Poor

4. How would you rate the chance of successfully repeating your business?
 Very Good Good Fair Poor

5. How would you rate your ability to train your staff?
 Very Good Good Fair Poor

6. Do you feel the food and beverage items on your menu are
 Very Interesting Good Average

7. Do you have systems in your business that are documented clearly in a manual?
 Yes No

8. If yes how would you rate the way they help you run your business?
 Very Good Good Fair Poor

9. To avoid sounding too personal here, I will ask this question as simply as possible. Are you happy with your profits?
 Yes No

10. If you were to employ a Hospitality business coach, what areas would you like to work on?
 Staff training Marketing Systems Profits Presentation People skills Lifestyle

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