Hospitality Coaching will be writing regular e-mags filled with valuable information on how to make your business run better and make more profits. The cost of each e-mag is only $9.90 + GST.

The E-mag is not designed to give you all the answers, it is designed to get you thinking.

As coaches and consultants we can all come into your businesses and tell you what needs to be done to improve your business but ultimately it is up to you to implement change. It is you, as the leader who needs to create a culture in your business that is geared towards profits. Bad habits have to be changed into good habits, waste has to be minimised so that profits can be maximised. There needs to be a culture of up – selling so you can increase revenue and training has to be incorporated into the DNA of your business.

Once you have read the e-mag I hope you will take a good look at your operation – (the helicopter view) – it will give you a clearer view of what needs to be changed. It will set you on a path of looking for different ways to improve your business.

Sure, you may still need to engage a coach or consultant to encourage and advise but hopefully it will help you to get into the right mind set to embrace change.