FAQ 1 : Why do I have so many staff problems?

Answer: The hospitality industry is very transient, it is filled with employees who are working a second job, going to university or college, travelling the world or maybe just in between jobs and see it as a stepping stone to something better.

To be truthful without these people the industry would collapse but as an employer you must make it work in your favour.

It can be very frustrating for an employer when they are working alongside one of these people as they appear not to care very much and as an owner or manager you care a great deal. These two formulas do not mix very well, so it is up to you to bring them together in harmony.

When you come across an employee who has adopted the hospitality industry as their career it is like a breath of fresh air, however even then things can be very frustrating.

Communication and training is the trick here, accept the fact that employees may not stay with you for too long but while they are with you make their job as interesting and fulfilling as possible.

The more your employees like their job the more productivity and loyalty you are likely to get, believe me this gives far better results than giving them extra money.

Training can be a thankless task, just when you feel you have trained your employee to the standard you require they up and leave, “the bloody cheek of it”

Do not be disillusioned by this, it’s a fact of life. You cannot fall into the trap of not training, as you will make life very hard for yourself.

Another good tip is to recognise that your employees need a life too, often in this industry they are asked to work very unsociable hours, for example Friday night – Saturday night and then Sunday breakfast and lunch. If your roster is structured where your employees get their time off to be with friends etc then you will have a much happier crew.

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