FAQ 4 : How can I get more time away from my business?

Answer: Answer: A secret so many business owners would like to know. Some small businesses can be so demanding they can make the owners feel like slaves.

In fact until your business can run along nicely for good periods of time without you, it is not a good business it’s a just a job that might pay well but hell its hard work.

There are some main ingredients you are going to need before your freedom pie is ready.
1. Well trained staff who can work without constant supervision.
2. Systems and procedures in place that are easy to follow.
3. A willingness to let go and have trust in other people.

Your staff has to know what you want from them. Their job description has to be clear and you have to be prepared to train them to the standards you want. Good communication skills are very important.

Pick your core staff and put your energies into them and let them do some training of other staff. You can not do everything in your business and the only thing you will achieve if you try, is sub-standard work.

To systemise your business is not hard, franchise businesses are doing it all the time and they are no smarter than you.

The trick is to find what works for you, everybody has their own way of doing things. Start with the simple things you do in your business, lets say opening procedure, you have a way of setting up your business to start the days trading, it may not be the best way but it is your way.

The next thing you do is formalise this way in writing in an easy to follow step by step procedures, remember nothing is set in concrete so you can fine tune your system at any time, just make sure it is written.

Just think once you have perfected this system you can have a member of staff open for you on some days, with the peace of mind it is being done the way you want.

Remember you can not train and direct everybody, so have faith in your management staff. Learn to be a good quality controller and be prepared to show the standards you want.

Once you accept that things will go wrong from time to time, it doesn’t hurt as much when they do. This is the time when you use your coaching skills and experience to rectify the problems.

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